About Full Circle

Mal a posted Feb 5, 11
Full Circle was a 10 man semi-hardcore raid group that consisted of a group of people who were striving to complete hard modes on a very short schedule. Most of us have been raiding together at a competitive level since Vanilla. Many of us were members of one of Draka's original top guilds, Benevolentia. We then went on to found and lead Limited Edition, a Draka guild that finished The Burning Crusade in the top 250 US guilds with many server firsts like Magtheridon, Illidan and much of Sunwell including a pre-3.0 M'uru kill. Limited Edition stayed one of the top guilds on Draka through Wrath while sticking with it's 3 day raid schedule and we completed all the heroic content there except HLK25. For Cataclysm, we launched Full Circle as a new guild dedicated to 10 man raiding on 1-2 day schedule.

Full Circle retired from raiding at the end of Cataclysm and is currently a social guild for friends and ex-members of Benevolentia and Limited Edition both.